Hi I'm a completely new to computer programming and am looking to make an application that can search through 3 dictionaries using one input. The dictionaries are Chinese-English, Chinese-Vietnamese and another Chinese-English. The first one is taken from CEDICT, an open source dictionary in Unicode. I'm going to try to do this one at a time so right now I'm only focusing on the first one. The CEDICT text file is stored with entries that look like the following:

中國 中国 [Zhong1 guo2] /China/Middle Kingdom/

The first two characters are the entry in Traditional Chinese followed by Simplified Chinese. The words between the brackets are the pronunciations of the characters in Mandarin. The words between the slashes are the English translation. What I want to do is type in one of the characters like "中" and then have it return to me all the entries that have that character along with the information between the brackets and slashes. Sometimes the character will be in the first position and sometimes another position if that matters.

Right now I'm using a Macintosh with OS 10.4 and I have tried going through the PythonCard tutorial, but there is one thing I cannot figure out. How do I turn the PythonCard files into a *.app executable that will run on the Mac. Also is PythonCard even the best thing to use for this project? I want it to run on Windows and Mac if that matters. Thanks for reading through this and if possible I'd like someone to point me into the right direction to solve these problems.

Most of us don't have a chinese character set on the PC, so help might be in the distance.