Hi all,
I Just have to retrieve the data from the oracle database n just write the retrieved data to text file.Please Can anybody send me the code?
Its very urgent. [IMG]http://forums.devx.com/images/smilies/frown.gif[/IMG]
Thanks in advance.

I think you didn't read the rules of this forum, we help here to people which willing to learn and we do not produce code on demand. There are other sites where they will happily do it for you just don't forget ready your "plastic money"

Is there any way we can filter threads like this from being posted? Or, can they be removed? I'm not sure, but I think DaniWeb could go without such dribble as do-my-homework demands.

hello friend i have also many problems in programs but never think about spoon feeding.n people help me as they can so u should also try by u r on.u will be helped

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