I am using the header file cnaiapi.h. The c files which include it do not compile because await_contact_mutex, cname_mutex, and appname_mutex are undefined. These are defined in the header file as extern HANDLEs.

Any ideas? Thanks

If you've merely obtained headers, you're not going to be able to do much. If you're asking how to configure your system to work with specific APIs you have, there should be documentation available from the place that provided you the APIs.

So what is your question?

extern means that the variable is defined somewhere else, and you're just declaring it.

...which means that you're missing the definition code for these symbols. Either you have to link it with some library that this source code depends on, or you're going to have to define it yourself. Either way, you have to make the compiler somehow able to find it, or else it won't know what to do when it encounters the symbols you previously mentioned.

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I am working with given apis but I got it to work. I had to define WIN32. Thanks.