I am new to c++, and i have a program to do as follows:
1) fill a 2D array for the seat chart with * ... DONE
2) add a passenger to the plane
I am stuck here, i have the info put into the cin statements etc, but how do i make it so that it makes an 'X' in the seat that they want to sit in ?????
3) sort the list of passengers added
I have written a selection sort as follow: (can anyone tell me why it will not compile with code?
//prototype: void print_list(pass_rec passlist ,int );
//function call: print_list(passlist,count);
void print_list(pass_rec passlist,int count)
int min_loc=0;
pass_rec temp;
for(int pass=1; pass < count; pass++)
min_loc = pass-1;
for(int i = pass; i < count; i++)
if(passlist[min_loc] > passlist)
min_loc = i;
if(min_loc != pass-1)
temp.lname = passlist[min_loc].lname;
passlist[min_loc] = passlist[pass-1];
passlist[pass-1] = temp;
cout << passlist[min_loc] << endl;


I have to make basicly the same program but in java. i have no idea how to make it. so if anyone could do it for me that would be awesome. i cant figure out how to use the 2D array.. im so confused...

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Give us code what you did, because without any attempt made nobody will help you here