im petroleum engineer
i want to create a program that enables the user to draw a pipeline system which consists of pipeline segments,pumping station,valves
i want the user to draw the pipeline segment on a form as (line or arrow)
and let this (line or arrow) be an interactive object: means after the user draw a line ,when he doubel click it ,another form should appear, to enter the information relevant to that line(pipeline segment)

about the pumping station,valves etc... ,i want the user insert them as
interactive icon and attached them to the existing pipeline segment

Is that affordable in vb6?Please help

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Yes this is very easy, we do it all the time. You need a picture box with the scale width and height set to cover your area.

When the user draws the line you need to track to coordinates and add it to a local array. When the user clicks on a "pipeline" you trap the mouse coordinates and then use the local array to determine which segment he has clicked next to. Depending on what it is e.g. pipeline, valve, pig trap etc you can load the appropriate form and allow him to enter the relevant info.

Hope this helps.

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