Sorry, if something like this was published, but I still have a question.
I'm not a C developer at all, so may it's not a correct place for the topic, but...

I have many MP3s without any ID3 tags, but I would like to add some.
All of the files are named like artist - song name.

Is it possible to create a simple script which will check all the files for e.g. in the folder and add ID3 tags using the 'template'?

Thanks beforehand, sorry if it's not a correct thread.

Not to be rude, but we're not a software factory. Sure it is possible to write a program that does that, but it's not something that you can quickly write up in 15 minutes.

One program I know that has such capability of doing it is MusicMatch Jukebox deluxe version. If you want a free program, consider making a search engine like Google your friend.

= ))))
Tnanks for that! I just inquired, maybe someone had something already pre-made.

Thanks for replying.

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