Hi .
I have this problem and I hope u will help me.
I use DISQLite3 Personal_1.3.4 for tables and I have to verify if a code is in database and to show automatically a title from the database that coincide with that code .
I was able when i wrote a code to show me a message when that code exist.
Here is what i realise:

procedure verif();
        'select * from Furnizori;',
        VerificaCod, nil, nil),
     if CodOK then
     showmessage('exista in baza');

I have no idea but, :if CodOK then: shouldn't it be CodeOK?

I have no idea but, :if CodOK then: shouldn't it be CodeOK?

no, it's not :cheesy:

dragos, i havent found nothing about DISQLite3 and i haven't worked with it.
i don't understand why you don't try to work with something usual.

best regards,

Thk's I will try with something else.

commented: Nothing +1

no, it's not:)

Sorry, but I haven't done a lot of programming. *Hangs head in shame*

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