hi all.
I am quite new to C#, I need to get oriented a little. So I have an easy question for the beginning :)

I can't find the "Visible" property of a form. I can't set the innitial visibility even programmaticaly. All I can do is wait for a form to appear (after running an app) and then use




Why can't I find this property in the properties pan? Or I can't seek?

Thank you.

edit: I use Visual Studio 2005

there is not "visible" property for the form..
but there are many ways one of them which is very easy is that by changing the :
ShowInTaskbar=false and Opacity=0%; than u won't see the form in the run jut try, and welcome to the world of programming with c#

but when I write the code Visual Studio offers me Visible property as one of the possibilities. There should be an event of a form VisibleChanged. try to write "this." and you'll see... or are these items belonging to smt else?

Thank you

How will 0% opacity work on pre XP machines?

There is Visible property for a form. Thats shure. I just don't know why it is not reachable in the properties pan. In the runtime it is reachable through