thanks for any help provided in advance.
I've tinkered with programming for years, but trying to get serious now. I just read a book called "Learning to Program with VB.net". pretty good book. But the writers approach (since it was for beginners) was to use txt files as a means to saving/retrieving data. I'm trying to make myself a little practice project to test what I've learned.
I don't want to use a txt file and I don't feel like installing SQL server either. I'd like to do this with an access .mdb file.
Now, in the MSDN files, I find TONS of info on how to update/retrieve data using SQL, but the only info I can find on using Access shows a cookie-cutter way of getting/putting data using a Grid or Form approach. I'm trying to tie certain fields to fields in a table in a .mdb file. I'd like for a user to be able to sleect a date with the "DateTimePicker" in on field and have it update into a database and then a Time using the "DateTimePicker" and have that update to a seperate field.
I'd put a code snippet, but I feel very very lost and don't have one to show..
Can anyone point me either in the direction of some reading online on how to do this, or a nice/simple example here would be fine as well!
Thanks again,

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