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Using: Delphi 7 with Database Desktop

I've made my tables in Database Desktop, and as soon as I tried seting up Referential Integrity, it did not let me save, which stops me from progressing any further in my project. As soon as I set up the referential integrity, regardless of whether i click "Save" or "Save As", the program gives me the same error:

Invalid filename.
Table C:\Documents and settings\FlamingBlade\Desktop\DD\Orders.DB

An example would be when trying to set up referential integrity between two fields, such as "PhoneNumber" in the Customer Details table and "PhoneNumber" in Orders.

Can anybody please shed some light on this topic? How can I solve this problem or work around it?

Thanks in advance!

Don't use BDE, it's there for legacy support only.
It's no longer maintained, no longer supported.

Anyway, the error is quite clear. It can't find the file.
Could be because of the spaces in the filename, being a very old program (did I tell you it's there for legacy support only and no longer maintained for the last 7 years or so?) it might not know how to deal with those.

That helped a lot, I moved it to my root C:\ drive and it worked perfectly.

Cant switch to other programs as this is the only one my course provides support for.

Thanks a lot for that!

Delphi 7 provides other means of accessing and creating databases.
If your course insists on you using such ancient technology, demand your money back and enroll in another.

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