Hi all. I recently downloaded and installed Bloodshed Dev-C++ and have begun going through C++ tutorials and whatnot. I'm very green on the whole C++ thing.

My current problem is that I want to use a .cpp file that someone else wrote that includes some so-called 'standard header' files, one of which is crtdbg.h.

I do not have crtdbg.h anywhere on my computer. It was not part of the Dev-C++ that I installed.

My question: is there a (legal) way I can get this file free so that I can use the previously mentioned cpp file? Is there some 'standard header' file package that I can download somewhere and put into the include path? Or is this some sort of propriatary standard header file that only comes with certian compilers? Any insight into this problem would be fantastic. Thanks!

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This might help. This is for WinCE operating system and may, or may not, work on MS-Windows.

Thanks, but I actually tried that already, and the .h file mentioned in that thread dosen't work. When I use it, I get these errors:
"'_ASSERTE undeclared"
"'_CRT_WARN' undeclared"
"'_RPTF0' undeclared"
In looking through the code for the crtdbg.h file mentioned above, there is nothing that mentions the above things.

The article on the msdn website references all of these functions to crtdbg.h, so I believe the one mentioned in the thread above is not the 'right' crtdbg.h.

Any other suggestions?


what compiler are you using? you will need eVC++ 3.0, eVC++ 4.0 or a smart device project with VC++ 2005 ( except Express edition). Those are the only compilers I know of that will target WinCE operating systems.

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