So here's the deal. I learned to program with python, and C# is my second step up the ladder. I'm currently learning the language by making a Sudoku game (just porting over the code from python..nothing fancy).

So I ran into a dead end just now...I know how to manipulate data files {*.dat) in python, to store objects/arrays/ etc. How is this done in C#? I need a quick way to open a file, and put/get two objects in/from it.

P.S. is shelving available in C# as well, because something like that is what I'm talking about. (It says somewhere in the python docs or something that shelving[what I'm used to using] is domething from C, or C++[memory is foggy])

are you trying to write objects to a file?

yes write and read

God you are fond of python ain't ya, mentioned all the time lol. Treat C# like a completely different language, don't try to make comparisons as that just leads to trouble:

StreamReader reader = new StreamReader("MyFile.dat");
string strAllFile = reader.ReadToEnd().Replace("\r\n", "\n").Replace("\n\r", "\n");
string[] arrLines = strAllFile.Split(new char[] { '\n' });
textBox1.Text = arrLines[0];
textBox2.Text = arrLines[2];

That is reading line one from the .dat file and putting it into textbox1, and then reading line 3 and putting that in textbox2 using array.

StreamWriter writer = new StreamWriter("MyFile.dat");

That is writing hello and world to two lines in a .dat file.

Yes I love python, lol. It's quite easy.

You guys are right though: all I had to do was look at it differently to get comfortable, and I am now. I've actually come to love some of C#s features, like the strong typing (for some reason...maybe I just like declaring variables and stuff...xD), and the intellisense (even though I think that's an IDE feature).

Oh, and that Resource file thing rocks too.

I'll try that dat file thingie and let you know how it goes.

thank you this works