dear sir,
plz help i am in a thick soup. i am a student in my final semisters of IT and i need to develope a software for my project.

Actually i wanted to devepelope a software for the automation of a restuarant. i have learnt VB and i know coding but get stuck up on the way. when i see and go through other softwares i find so many files there. i just get confused how do we make the installation process files and the set up files.

plz Help me i need ur help desparately.


I am not sure what you are asking. Are you trying to make an install system using VB?

Right, if you want to write a setup, you need to know that older windows systems don't come with the VB Run time files (OR any of the dependency files that you decide to include in your project). On newer windows systems (2k and up) VB Run times come along with the windows installation, so, all you need to really do is build the install just like any other project.... I'm not sure how much there is to install at that point (if most everything is already installed).

A Real Good solution is to simply use the package and deployment wizard that comes with VB6.... it will grab all the dependencies, and give you an installer that will work graphically right off the bat.

VB6 has something called the pakage & deployment wizard (start menu -> vb6 -> tools) that makes installers for your project containing everything required


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