Hi TingTing. I'm not sure what you're question is so I don't know how to help you.

So zhapool what are the assumptions you can make about your program? I'm guessing these some upper limit to the number you want to convert? Cause really it would be a mission to translate every possible number! Or maybe I just don't see the obvious way to do it.

I think you'll be using the switch statement and some carefully placed if statements. The trick is the algorithm. Let's have a look at how you think it's solved and we will help you tweak it and make it into Java :)

i submited the project hrs ago.but i got deductions for not following the requirements..but overall its ok. :D ty

i saw all the what you wrote where do u exactly from i would like to know so we can know right step to take on it bye for now .

Hello zhapool

Buddy here people are keen to help you but they want a feel that you are right person to help.Me too have asked so many question and Jwenting happily replied them ,though some of questions seems stupid to me now but he never hesitate to reply me.

So all you need is show some effort............

ahm do you have an yahoo messenger??? what is GUI??? sorry but i have not enough knowledge about computer

its a graphic user interface this will be used to give produce graphics that you can see in the program

buy a copy of Deitel Deitel's Java: How To Program. that book is a lifesaver

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