Hi all,

My class uses Python 2.4.3/2.4.4, pygame 1.7.1, and a livewires wrapper on top of that, running on WinXP on Dell machines. Frequently ... perhaps once per day per 2 students more or less? ... a student will attempt to open a file and IDLE will suddenly quit and take all IDLE windows along with it.

There are no visible bugs in the files of the sort that would obviously cause a crash (e.g., special characters that can't be rendered by IDLE), and one can often restart IDLE, reload the program, and run it successfully. I myself have encountered the problem twice or three times.

According to my students, this has been happening since before we started working with pygame.

Anyone ever encounter this? Are there known fixes?


P.S. We haven't updated to Py2.5 because (until last week) there wasn't a pygame module compatible with it.

I don't use IDLE much, but mostly the DrPython IDE. I know IDLE has some problems with firewall settings, could that be it?

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