I want to search a name in my doubly linkedlist and remove it.
I used strcmp(string1/string2) to see if the data part of the current node is the same as the data im looking for or not.but it didnt work.
what can i do?

class node {
 friend class linklist;
 char [B]name[10][/B];
 node *nxt;
 node *prev;
 void remove(char [B]nam[][/B]){
  node *ptr;
  if(head == NULL){//the list is empty
   cout<<"the list is empty"<<endl;
   while(ptr !=NULL )//till it hasnt got to the end and didnt find the number
    { [B]if(strcmp(ptr ->name/ nam)!=0)[/B] {ptr=ptr ->nxt;}}
    if(ptr ==NULL)//it means that the number  is not in the list
    {cout<<"the name is not in the list to remove."<<endl;}
   else if(ptr != NULL)// it means that the number is found
     { if(head == ptr) //if removing head node
     {  if(head == tail){//if there is only one node in the list
        else{ head=head -> nxt;
         head -> prev = NULL;
      else if(tail == ptr)
       { // if removing tail node
        tail = tail->prev;
        tail->nxt = NULL;
       else {
        // if removing in the middle
        ptr->prev->nxt = ptr->nxt;
        ptr->nxt->prev = ptr->prev;

The syntax of strcmp is strcmp( string1, string2 ) - not strcmp( string1/string2)

inline code such a the remove() function should be limited to just one or two lines of code. Anything larger should be put in the implementation *.cpp file.

Though I can pretty much bet that the given the kind of code inlined, the compiler will ignore his request for inlining...

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