HOw do i create a batch file that opens programs and installs updates for a person with out any user interface I need it to know when to click next and how to enter product Codes how do i do that.

Do you want a batch file, or a VB program? Batch files wait for a program to finish before moving to the next line, but I'm not so sure you can use sendkeys, or anything like that with a batch file..... give me some more info, and I'll see what I can do.

I need to have a batch file for the windows updates its okay for the other stuff that i am tring to do to creat a VB program for it.

Well, a batch file (for the biggest part) is nothing more than a list of DOS commands. Don't get me wrong, there is very little, but some support for if statements and parameters, but it's not powerful. If you are just looking to spawn an app using the batch file, that will work..... but you might as well use shellexecute (vb api). What exactly needs to be done?

can anyone please tell me how to open ms access application at the click of vb click button

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