I am taking a Java Beginner class, which I have explained in an earlier thread. I read the chapters and do understand them to an extent, but when it comes to doing the homework, I am at total loss. I have put in for a tutor, and hopefully one comes thru soon. Semester will soon be up in beginning of May. I have to take 5 more Computer Science courses for my degree. I am just looking for some way for someone to explain it an a way I guess I can understand. The first 5 chapters I ws so-so, but the last 3 I am just lost. The last 3 chapters were on Loops, Arrays, and If/Else Statements. I have never failed a class no matter what the subject, and I have a solid C in this class, which is still higher than the average score, Sad ain't it. The teacher is not great, she presents the chapter in slide form from Cay Horstmann Java Concepts 4th Edition, then she expects you to just go do it, which to an extent I can understand, but it seems she looks down on you for asking a question. The teacher's aide in lab says she is the hardest person to learn from, but no matter my score, I just want to understand it, so I can have the basics down. Any clues on what I could do except wait for the tutor??

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If you can be specific about confusion on loops, arrays and if/else we can try to help you. Also there is always java tutorial site

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If you can be specific about confusion on loops, arrays and if/else we can try to help you. Also there is always java tutorial site

and do lot of practice

commented: Thank You the Java Tutorial looks like it might be a big help. I appreciate it!! +1

if you "just don't get" an introductory Java course, and are happy with a C overall, you may need to reconsider your career choices and switch to another line of studies.
May sound harsh, but that's the long and short of it, as with those symptoms you'll never amount to more than a lowend programmer stuck with the uninteresting jobs noone else wants to do.

Sorry Duckman one way or the other I will get it. The grade is never the problem, the problem is understanding the language. I am perfectly fine with the "C", if I can come out of the course with the understanding of what I just accomplished in the course. Sorry, not trying to step on anyone's toes, and you do have a good point, but for now it is what I want to do, and from what I have seen and heard, most of the computer engineers in this area, are copying and pasting in code that has already been pre-set for them. I worked as an Art Director for 3 years, I had to retrain four year college students, that they did not need all of the imaging and rendering that they had learned, but that was just for the job that we were doing. I gave them a stepping stone for getting a job for their resume, they gave me work in return, and it all aworked out in the end. In the short and the long of it, sometimes its not always about what you know. Spring break is over, lol, hopefully I will get some contacts this week. I appreciate any and all advice that comes my way, especially in fields that I do not know.

and that's your problem. One should never be content with a mere passing grade in one of his chosen majors.

but beware Herb Schildt's book is generally considered NOT very good and contains some glaring errors (including statements that directly contradict the language standard as published by Sun).

No Duckman, the problem is I can pass the course, even above a B if I want, the tests are hard, and mostly code, so I can just go in there and just memorize everything, thats not the issue, I want to be able to understand, what I am memorizing. Anyway, thanks for the help.

volscolts16: What are you not understanding about control structures? You said you passes a C language class. These structures a effectively the same as the ones in C. If you be more verbose about what exactly you are not understanding we can better bring light to your understanding.