hey guys i have been studing c++ for a while now. i have learned so much only problem is i find it difficult to apply any of my knowledge. i mean i knwo how to make things but i dont know what to make. thats why i came to you gusy for help i was wondering if there is a page i can go to that sets some sort of home work or projects or something. i want it to be beginner level nothing to difficult.

thanks guys

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You'll find that a lot of colleges and universities post their course assignments on their web sites, so check some out and see what you come up with. I'm sure you'll find some ideas.

A quick search on Google for "C++ assignments" threw up:



I'm sure there must be many more. If they don't help, please ask again and no doubt we can come up with some ideas.

hey thanks that was very helpfull its exactly what i need :).

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