Develop a C program that has a structure for a list of students that has the array of students and the number of students.
The structure for each student consists of ID number, name, GPA, number of courses, and a list of courses.

The structure for each course consists of course number, course name, and credit hours.

Your program should read the data from a text file then display a menu with the following options:

1. List a table of all students that has ID, GPA, total credit hours
2. List courses a student is taking (given his ID)
3. List students in a course (given course number)

text file contain all this info ( arrang it as you want )

ID name GPA #of course courses Name
224455 saed 3.2 2 COE200 COE205
213344 Ali 2.2 3 COE400 ICS202 ICS353
205208 ahmad 2.9 2 COE205 COE360
211233 saad 3.7 4 ICS353 ICS201 COE308 COE360
203939 hamad 1.9 2 COE200 ICS334
991283 hatem 2.3 2 COE400 COE360
992123 fahad 1.7 1 ICS202
231122 khaliid 2.6 2 ICS201 COE205
212334 omar 2.8 3 ICS202 ICS334 ICS353
200110 husain 2.1 2 COE400 COE308

Course # Course Name Credit
COE200 digital 3
COE205 assembly 4
ICS102 java1 4
ICS353 algorethim 3
ICS334 operating 4
COE400 design 3
COE308 Archetcture 3
ICS201 java2 4
ICS202 java3 4

please if you can help me :sad: :sad:

this is an elective course

I realy hate the programming .:sad: :sad: :sad:

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