I have just installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and it has the folowing to select, under C++ projects selection:
ATL; CLR, MFC and Win32.

Now Id like to know what are ATL, CLR and MFC and what is each of them used for,

Anyway does anyone know when will Visual Studio 2007 come out. And if is possible to make DirectX 10 stuff with VS 2005.

I use Vista Ultimate anyway

Thanks in advance,


win32 is plain 32 bit windows apps


MFC is a windowing toolkit but its showing its age now

Dunno about ATL. I think its a template libary

um...can I get any link with a .NET explanetion (what .NET is)..


.NET is managed code, it runs on a frameowrk called the .net framework (just like how java runs on a JVM)

C++ si the only modern MS language that supports anything apart from .NET

Ok, thanks

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