This is what I have. I know I am missing something can you help

import string

def main():
    print "This program replaces 4 lettter words in a file with xxxx"
    # get the sequence of words from the file
    fname = raw_input("File to analyze: ")
    text = open(fname,'r').read()
    text = string.lower(text)
    for ch in '!"#$%&\'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\\]^_`{|}~':
        text = string.replace(text, ch, ' ')
    words = string.split(text)
    wordCount = len(words)
    ch = string.split(words)
    charCount = len(ch)
    if charCount == 4:
             oldword = string.join(ch)
             newtext = string.join(text)
             o = open(fname,a)
             for line in open(fname):
                    line = line.replace(oldword,newword)
                    o.write(line + "\n") 


In your code tag don't use any spaces! It's [code=python][code = python] don't use any spaces! It's [code=python]

I didn't have a file, so I used just a text string for testing, but here is one way you can solve this:

text = "I love to work, but not paying my taxes!"
# text to word list
words = text.split()
print words  # testing the word list
# now comes the processing part
new_words = []
for word in words:
    # remove certain punctuations
    for c in '?!,.;:':
        if c in word:
            word = word.replace(c, '')
    # it's a 4 letter word, replace with 'xxxx'
    if len(word) == 4:
        word = 'xxxx'
# list back to text
print ' '.join(new_words)
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