How to get access to picture information, such as Width, Heigth, Manufacturer, Cameramodel, Exposuretime, Picture made on, Date created, Date changed and so on.
(just like in Windows Explorer)

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By reading the header of the picture file. Loot at

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By reading the header of the picture file. Loot at

EXIF Exchangeble Image File Format
IPTC Interantional Press Telecommunications Council
WIA Windows Image Acquisition
Information sites:

1. Download "WIAaut.dll" (see
2. Register wiaaut.dll
3. Project-References Microsoft Windows Image Acquisition Library v2.0
4. Put Commondialog Tool on form
5. Add the next code
Dim Img 'As ImageFile
Dim IP 'As ImageProcess
Dim v 'As Vector
Dim p 'As Property
Dim i 'As Integer
Set Img = CreateObject("WIA.ImageFile")
Set IP = CreateObject("WIA.ImageProcess")
Set v = CreateObject("WIA.Vector")
Img.LoadFile "C:\135_3501.jpg"
For Each p In Img.Properties
Dim s 'As String
s = p.Name & "(" & p.PropertyID & ") = "
If p.IsVector Then
s = s & "[vector data not emitted]"
ElseIf p.Type = RationalImagePropertyType Then
s = s & p.value.Numerator & "/" & p.value.Denominator
ElseIf p.Type = StringImagePropertyType Then
s = s & """" & p.value & """"
s = s & p.value
End If

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