I was executing a simple core java application using JDK1.5

I wrote code and complied using javac it gave some errors that i fixed and at last it got complied successfully But when i tried to exeute it using java it gave me an error message

Error in thread main.NoSuchMethodFound error:main

Ok now i wanna know why i got this error message , i tried to place the java file in Bin folder and eecute it from there but it didnt worked out.

Can anybody explain me waht to do in such case and how to egt rid of this problem

Re: Error running Java 80 80

The error is saying that it can't find the 'main' method.

Did you try to run the '.Java' file?

try to run it without the extension


java HelloWorld

instead of

java HelloWorld.java

Re: Error running Java 80 80

First of all, never place anyting into the "bin" directory of jdk (or really in any directory of the jdk/jre).

Second of all, does your class contain the following method defintion:

public static void main(String[] args) {
  // your code here

and I mean that exact method definition? Bcause the error you listed, says it does not.

Re: Error running Java 80 80

Well I would like to say thanks

I was getting this error because i forgot to put array brackets after args

I mean instead of String args[] i had written String args

so the problem is solved now

Re: Error running Java 80 80

Staneja if your problem gets solved means just mark it as solved.

Re: Error running Java 80 80

Can you please tell me how to mark it solved.

I didnt find any option to do so

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