I want to learn some UI developemnt for windows using visaul basic can you guys direct me to some books, and materials?


Thanks Dragon sorry about the mix up.

Wow! No one knows anything about this? So how are we suposed to learn it if there is no documantation on it?

What do you mean UI - User Interface. That is what vb does. Adding controls to a form makes it a user interface. If you are talking about design of the user interface then I have seen no documentation on that. It is something you just work on until it looks right or hire a designer.

Ok thats what I'm asking. I did not know VB does that. So in order for me to build a user interface for a program I write using DevC++. I have to learn how to use and incorporate VB? Or can I write the code directlly in VB?

How can I build a user inteface for a program I just wrote?

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This is vb.net not vb.

DevCpp has nothing to do with VB. So your question has no meaning.

I think you have a misconception of UI. Articles on UI, also called GUI, are hard to find but this should give you some reading. I am not really good at UI but if you need further help, just post.
UI is language independent. It is just the form withthe controls and how they look. If you need a critique just post an image of your interface and people here will give you their oppions.





I apologize for the little knoledge in this field that I have.
waynespangler answered my question. I did not know they were seperate. As I'm still learning this stuff so, I will be asking some more dumb questions. Stick around you might get a good laugh.

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