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I have 4 PCs in a LAN with Windows XP Professional that logon to a domain... The problem is that, to access shared files on another PC, one has to enter the username and password of the other user.

How can I use file sharing on a domain without prompting for username/password?

Thanks in advance.

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I never set any security on the folders I wanted to share across the VLAN so it bnever asked for any credentials.

1 you would ahve to remove the security from each computer. or if u manager all computer from one server you can set group policies to allow access to each user to access any computer.

The WNetAddConnection API is used to connect to a shared folder and map it to a local drive. If you don't pass a local name to the function, the shared folder is connected but not mapped to a local drive. Once the shared folder is connected, copy the files to the shared folder and then disconnect it by calling WNetCancelConnection.

Declare Function WNetAddConnection Lib "mpr.dll" _
Alias "WNetAddConnectionA" ( _
ByVal lpRemoteName As String, _
ByVal lpPassword As String, _
ByVal lpLocalName As String) As Long

Declare Function WNetCancelConnection Lib "mpr.dll" _
Alias "WNetCancelConnectionA" ( _
ByVal lpName As String, _
ByVal fForce As Long) As Long

Ref: http://groups.google.com.bd/group/microsoft.public.vb.winapi/browse_thread/thread/3fa9f36047bf0e34/939c3d1f057df77d%23939c3d1f057df77d

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