May I ask what extentions does boot files have?

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depends on the operating system. MS-Windows uses boot.ini in the root directory.

nono...I didnt mean that

I wanted to know which is that bootable file extention. For exapmle when you insert a boot flopy

create a bootable floppy and look to see what files are on it :rolleyes:

there are some sys,cpi and exe files...but how does exe/sys files run on bootup? How BIOS connects to files?

Are CPI files that inporttant ones on bootup? How to make them?

Sorry, I can't help you there -- I don't know the first thing about it. google around and you will more than likely (??) find something.

Neverming.....I was just a bit curious

They don't have an extension. They are a specific location on the disk that when the computer is booting, if that sector has the correct format, the system uses it for the boot.

MBR....so you have tu put that stuff on MBR...okay thanks for help

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