Im working in an application which will track the click made in any web based application.

For Eg:

If u click on a link "mail" in yahoo.com.. this application should be able to detect the link clicked.
silmilarly for other radio buttons, check boxes.. etc.

can someone tell me how can i accomplish this?
im thinking in terms of some pluging for IE which will pass these values to an independent swing application...

do u hear about query string. It is used to pass variables between pages. Using this u can track your application.
When u click on "mail" in yahoo.com then this will set query string. Finally that query string corresponding page will load in our IE.

U can see this query string in URL.

Please others give your comments whether this is right or wrong.

in other words you want to create something to spy on others.
Why should we help you do something that's at the very least immoral and depending on how you use it likely illegal?

Doing it in Java would be stupid anyway, there are far better languages to write trojans and spyware (which is what you're trying to create) in.