I have a homework question in STL.

The question asks to write an implementation of STL algorithm replace_copy_if().

My question is NOT regarding how do I code this, but more importantly what exactly does it mean?

In other words, is it the same as just creating a function and not creating a main in the .cpp file? or does it mean create a .h file?

Im' not really sure where I'm supposed to start with this.

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Thank you for that. My question is, where does my implementation of replace_copy_if actually go?

I'm supposed to modify replace_copy_if, but I'm not sure whether I need to create a .h file or a separate .cpp file to code this.

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Thank you i figured it out. Thanks for all your help!!!

For anyone having this question, you write your implementation in a .h file and then #include your . h file to use your implementation.