Hello EveryBody,
I am having problem in uploading servlets in my server. The servlet works fine in my locanhost. But when i upload it it does not work.
Can anyone help?

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hi shimul_bari
I have the same problem ..
Have you solved it ..
Please i need to upload my servlet pogram..
Help me... Its working well in my system and but not in Sever

Start your own thread if you are facing any issues do not simply revive ancient relics.

Next there is also a separate forum for JSP in the Web Development Section, you should have made a thread there.

Also define what you mean by "NOT-WORKING" and "WORKING WELL". Check the logs of catalina.out to see if anything is being logged there. Also did you check the link already posted by "aniseed" as a response to the thread starter ?

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