hello,,,everyone,I just want to ask a list of sites to where i could learn GUI programming in c++ for the beginners like me.i hope you could help me about this one and be one of my circle of friends.you may just add me in your yahoo messenger jk_bscomp or e-mail at <email snipped>ks a lot.i will so much appreciate your help.Thank you.

Well, speaking from personal experience i can tell you that GUI programming in C is not easy. Heres a tip: master the console first. make sure you are fully proficient with everything in that department, in particular classes and inheritance before moving on. When you do move on i would personally recommend a printed book rather than the net as its a huge topic and one that is better described on paper. Also, you will need to decide on what gu iyou want to learn. Win32? MFC? .NET CLR? QT? GTK?

Hi there,

Personally I found the FLTK gui library very easy to use. Its a multi-platform library that has been designed to work on Win32 and unix/linux platforms. (I think it also runs on Mac OS).

I'm an experienced C programmer, but am beginning C++ - so if you know a bit of C then it shouldn't be too difficult for you. The documentation is very thorough - it includes a tutorial on building a simple Text Editor, and there is a lot of example code using the library.

NB. This is if you want a GUI that has a default "look" - take a look at the web site screenshots if you want to see what I mean.


If you want to build a GUI that looks a bit more advanced, say like the interface for "Windows Media Player", then FLTK won't be able to do that (AFAIK). I'm not really sure what you would need for that ( I think WMP actually publish their own SDK - not sure if that contains GUI stuff).

With Best Wishes

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