For example I have a winapi GUI program called blabla.exe

I have another winapi GUI program called TYCK.exe.

Now how to make blabla.exe run in TYCK.exe??

I was using


, but this is not portable and it goes through cms, what I dont realy like.

Is there any other way instead of system("blabla.exe");, using WinApi?


There are several wn32 api functions: CreateProcess() gives you the most control over the process. But SHExecute() mabe a little simpler to use.

>>but this is not portable
if you mean portable across operating systems, then that is nothing to worry about because neither are any of the win32 api functions. Portable among compilers? Yes it is because system() is a standard C function.

may I get any example of SHExecute() usage...

Sorry about that "portable" word. I wanted to say, that you can close CMD when program loads...and that sucks

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