can I open a file in a URL?

for example:


Will this one work?

If not, what are the other alternatives in opening a file in the URL..


If it were that easy, you'd be having A LOT less network glitches when playing online... :p Although you're right, network connections do work like files, in that you can use read and write to write over network sockets.

Enough blab, if you want easy downloading of web pages, head over to libcurl. Or if you actually want to open a network socket and see the technical details of it, see here.

i am trying to read files using this url


The files are from the subversion repository..
I find it hard linking the files to my program.. The files and the source code is in the same repository.

thanks a lot...

No you need to use some http library and call httpOpen

I have already found the solution to my problem.. Anyway, thank you still for the reply....