hi everyone.

I'm on the need of using serial ports with a java application. The last time I checked, Sun offered Java Comm as a solution; but now they removed the Api from their site (I'm using winXP). There's an RXTX package as an alternative, but I haven't seen any reviews of it; maybe you could tell me a little.

I'm also thinkin' of using the USB ports, anyone know how the state of development is in jUSB and javax.usb ? Any bugs? Problems? Limitations?

Thanks in advance.


What type of application you are working on ?

You can use RXTX. And you can download the comm.jar(2.0.3) from sun site since it's generic for all platform. I used this jar for one of my SMS project.

I'm not sure whether it will work on WinXp or not . I used Win2k Advance Server as platform.
The 2.0.3 comm.jar is being provided in this way because
as of COMMAPI 3.x, the java binary implementation forked and
became incompatible with the RxTx project's native code.

The java.usb doesn't have any libraries for windows platform. They are making some library available but it's not certified. So if you use that then you may find yourself in trouble in future.