For those of you interested in having a messenger for your cell, I downloaded an application called MiM done in java with witch you can access your MSN and Yahoo! Messenger contacts.
It seems that is in a promotional period and its download is completly free, without need of sending any SMS or similar traps, not like other "called free applications". You can download it using your cell internet navigator going to
It is valid for all countries and phone companies, and the only cost is the one your phone company charge for GPRS. If you are curious about it take a look. It is really cool. :)

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maybe you don't know it, but you can quite simply contact someone using your cellphone by typing in their phonenumber and calling them...

I know it sounds unbelievable, but that's why the things are called PHONES!


It seems that the link I gave doesn't work anymore. I was searching and they have changed the url for this other one:

Accessed via PC it shows a forum and a download tutorial, and with the wap/web navigator of the mobile phone it offers the download of MiM.

Sorry for the mess guys.


This sound more like self promotion, don't tell any one that it is his software

indeed, closing this and removing the links.

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