I have written an application using a MDI. This is working well. Within the toolbar it has over 10 buttons each opening a different window within the MDI. In the future I will be adding more to the application.

My question is, is it possible to create an application and add it to a MDI as a child. ig could I add notepad or calculator to my mdi. Not just open it with shell but have it within the MDI window.


AFAIK: Nope, MDI is what it says, a mutiple DOCUMENT interface. And a document is a form.

I am wanting to break my app up in to modules so when someone comes to buy it they can select which 'modules' they want as part of the package. If any new modules are created these can be put in to a folder so the main app can add them to the mdi.

As things go by building a house in steps:
First draw the whole house. Calculate how much weight there will be placed on the first floor.

So first build your whole app and switch things off in the light version. The other way around will be much more difficult. You can't be prepared for things that aren't there

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