say I need to the below to store as a string variable.

Set autoUpdateClient = CreateObject("Microsoft.Update.AutoUpdate",strComputer)

notice teh quotations ? How can I store all of this as one string with the quotations included ?

I need to store this so I can manipulate it, but those quotes keep throwing me problems.

Where are you storing it? How you proceed depends on the quotation rules of whatever storage medium you're using. For example, if you were pasting that into a C++ string literal, you would need to escape the quotations for it to work:

"Set autoUpdateClient = CreateObject(\"Microsoft.Update.AutoUpdate\",strComputer)"

whenever you wish to print or store code that is recognized as system code (meaning it will not be printed) such as quotes in a printf or cout, or things like that, you must include a "\" before the code... i.e.: