me again, i would like to create a data report by adding the report labels and textboxes at runtime. Is there any ways to add the controls to a report dynamically

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this is the code for creating Array of Controls in Run Time
Index Number Is the free number which doesn exist for the Control Label1

Label1(indexnumber).visible = true
Label1(indexnumber).top = 100
label(indexnumber).caption = "Hello World"

Thanks & Regards
Mahesh Sayani

Hi everyone

I have the same doubt that savi_karthika but in my case I'm using VBA.

I'm trying to do a dinamically report in Access using VBA.

I need to add a text box and a check box or radio button dinamically! I tried the code above but with no success :(

Do you think you could help me!?

I really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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