I am thinking about a landscape generation program, ie building a model from a 2D contour map or something similar. Would C++ be the best language for this or is there a more suitable language to use?

P.S I am a novice to programming and so far only have experience with VB, so I would be starting from scratch with learning any language before doing it.

If you are starting from scratch you will be way way over your head attempting to do what you want to do. Start at the beginning, learn the language first. See the Read Me threads at the top of this board for lots lof links to get you started.

But to answer your question: DirectDraw or DirectX SDKs are probably best, which can be downloaded free from Microsoft site. And yes, you can use c++, which their sample programs are written in.

Well it's an idea for a final year project so I have some time to learn the language before I start writing the program, so right now I'm just getting some ideas together... but this is my only one so far lol

Thanks for replying, I'll look in to those :)

I would recommend SDL bindings for openGL not

When you make a recommendation about a particular graphics API, you should at least state the reason why you're recommending it.

I use linux and hate microsoft ;-)

I don't see the problem with DirectX. It's fine for what you're trying to do. And the people that say "I hate Microsoft," stop ranting about it. Face it, the world uses Windows, and there's nothing you can do about it.

In this thread, the only reason I have seen for recommending OpenGL over DirectX has been portability. Which is completely irrelevant if your target platform is Windows.

So... don't recommend one API above the other unless you can give a good reason why the original poster would benefit from using it. Saying one of those horrible "I hate Microsoft" phrases just doesn't cut it.

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