hi guys
i ve a problem in doin my project. wen i give some data in the sales bill form i ve created, tat should appear in ms word bill format i ve designed
how to connect my vb form with word and to take a print of it,

plz help me]
its urgent

Include a reference in your project to the Microsoft Word object library, then use the word object to open the document and interact with it

thanks a lot, i ll try this,plz tell me how to install crystal report and i need to know about the printing options of a form in vb.

I don't personally use Crystal so I can't help you with that one. I tend to output to an office application, rtf or pdf. As for printing a form, do you just want to print out the image or present the data in a printable form. If it is the latter then obviously you would need to know what form you are presenting it in (word, excel, pdf etc), then you could either use the application in question or the api to print the document.



i dodo how to link vb with word? how to do it

shallot, please read our posting rules. This thread has been opened in 2007! Please post your own question if you have any.

On your new post, please tell us what you have so far as coding is concerned. Have you started yet? If so, was there any errors?

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