Help please!!!! Is there anyone has a sample code on how to call the backup and restore of SLQ server using VB6. I already have it but, unfortunately the backend of my program is Ms access and I want it to use as SQL server. Any help is highly appreciated....



You would be better off using SQL server utilities for backup and restore, You could probably build a DTS package to perform the operation for you.

what is a DTS package anyway..??? i have a project that we're using sql server. and that project has a menu to backup the database. and it should automatically backup the database same with restore. but manually, the sql server has its own backup menu, but the thing is we dont want the user to do it manually that is why we need it to put a code for that back up.


DTS - Data Transformation Services
It ships with SQL Server since version 7, it can be used for a number of tasks including moving large volumes of data around and backing up databases. You can also schedule DTS packages from within SQL Server Enterprise Manager.

Have a look here for some more info

plz check it.

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