i need to pass w variable from one form to other forms how?

through parameterised constructor OR module , u can resolve the issue, please revert back if any prob

can u plz give me an exmaple?

consider the following scenario.....

frmA =frm from where the value need to pass.
FrmB= the rec of the value.

'in frmB declare a instance variable of the
dim x as TypeofValueUWantToRecieve

'in frmB create/overload a new constructor Or modify the default 'constructor

public sub new (byVal xVal as theTypeofValueUWantToRecieve )
end sub

''''''''''''''''''''''In frmA while creating obj of frmB , pass the value in ''''''''para..

dim valueToPass as TypeofValueUWantToPass=someValue
dim ObjFrmB as new frmB(valueToPass )

please revert bk if any prob......

The simple way is to declare the variable in a module and declare it public. Set or read the variable from any form.
If however you are worried about security then do as jabijohn says.

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