I want to know where to start in software programming in C and C++, I know their basics, i can write programs of mathematical solutions, but, can you please help me, adjust to a higher level, like software programming, Thank You Guys!!

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Well, if you haven't already, I'd definitely recommend going through all the tutorials here:

While that will teach you only a fraction of all the details of C/C++, it's still something very good to learn. The second important thing is to make use of the skills you have learned. Try making little projects for yourself, based on the knowledge you have learned recently. We've even got a thread for that in case you run out of ideas:

There are two ways to improve your skill and knowledge. One is to learn other interesting programming languages (such as Scheme, Python, Perl, Haskell, or Factor, since this will improve your C++ skill), and the other is to write more programs. The latter is essential, and the former is important.

I'd say the best way is to fiddle fiddle fiddle. I can't recommend specific starting points until you say what you mean by "software programming". You mean GUI-based? Depends on the OS. Get a copy of Visual Studio and start playing, making _really_ simple things that you know works, and fiddling things out. Heck, I recommend going into GUI programming with C# instead of C++, if you're going the Windows route.

Thank you...well..ive been through that site, infact, i have made my website about c programming..

<URL cnipped>

Thank you for the advise, i have a copy of visual studio 6, maybe i should experiment on that, and learn different language, like perl, Thank you again!!

>i have made my website about c programming..
If you said you only "know the basics", why are you trying to teach other people what little you know? You might screw something up. And by the way, plugging your website here in the forums is against the forum policy.

>i have a copy of visual studio 6, maybe i should experiment on that
Don't. Get the Express version of VS 2005:

commented: Teaching before learning is sometimes full of peril -- for the recepiet ;-) +18

>infact, i have made my website about c programming..
I'd recommend learning C before trying to teach it. Your code is poorly written and your explanations of the code are severely lacking.

>Don't. Get the Express version of VS 2005:
If you stick to C, Visual Studio 6 is okay. If you use C++ aslo, definitely upgrade.

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