Can someone please tell me what to do with a library object file in visual c++ express? Another programmer developed a set of classes with header files but there are no .cpp files. There is a .dll and a .def along with a library object file. The developer told me that I just need the header file and the dll although I suspect that the others might be needed too. Can you please tell me what to do with these files (apart from the header files. they go into the headers folder) so that I can inherrit and instantiate from the files (of course by using the headers). It is just that I do not know which files implement the functionality that the headers are an interface for (new to C++) and most importantly where to place them.

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You need to add the library object file to your linker's file list. This provides a reference to the DLL. Additionally, you may have to specify the .def file for the module definition, which you can do in the linker options with the /DEF filename.def switch (only do this if simply using the library file doesn't work, however).

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