The version of DEV-C++ I Do not Know.
However I would appreciate any information as to where I might find
information as to how you can access Drives and the Printer on my machine with C++ commands.
at present I'm unable to do anything in my C++ Programs other than Print to my screen and I would Like to do more than that.
I have read SAMS Book titles Absolute beginners to C, teach your self Cin 21 days, teach yourself C++ in 24 hours.
listings to use my printer, read and write files to disk or even Put forgrount and backround color are left as questions, the books affer no answers.
I am 65 years old and have been trying to find how to do these things in C/C++ for a long time and would like to know how to do these things before I become Part of this earth.

Any assistance you may feel like giving would be Greatly appreciated
Either where I may find the information, sutch as what books; web recorses; or wherever.

Thank you for taking your time to read this it is Greatly appreciated.


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you should read the Read Me threads at the top of this board. They contain all (or probably most) of the information you are looking for.

If you want to print simple text files you can treat the printer as any other ordinary text file. The file name of the printer will probably be "LPT1:", prividing the printer is connected directly to your computer.

Writing to a file is almost identical to writing to the screen. Only addition is that in C you will need a FILE pointer. Search these threads for FILE and you will find hundreds of examples. For c++ use fstream class.

Thank you so very much your help is greatly appreciated.
Will goto see if I can find Read Me.


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