If I am somehow in error posting this, I apologize. However, I would hope that this is the best place to ask this question. I am dealing with a MSVC Compiler, version 1.52, on a system running Windows 98. I am using these rather antiquated pieces of equipment for a reason.

I have been requested to maintain a set of 5+ year old C code, designed to be ported over to a small hand-held barcode scanner after being compiled. According to the person who previously compiled the program, a 16-bit compiler is required for the ported code itself, and he also stated that the compiler he used didn't like to play nicely with Windows XP.

The original source project I received will, in fact, compile with no errors (although it has numerous warnings regarding unsized arrays). However, in trying to learn more about the code I am working with, I set up a program that attempted a few simple time functions, and included a .c and .h pair of time-related files from the original project, where the .c file included the line

#include <bht.h>

Even though the original project compiled without any errors, attempting to compile my test project doing nothing but including the two files from the test project causes a fatal error "can't find bht.h" when compiling.

I have searched Google for the term "bht.h". The vast body of returned results were apparently chemistry equations. I have searched on "bht.h C header", with no results, and I have searched on "bht.h" "C header", with one result, which appears to be a gzipped file. (Yes, I've downloaded the file; I simply don't know how much use it's going to be as the 'BHT H' character combo that appeared on Google's description was in the midst of a mishmash of apparently random charaters.)

Does anyone here know, and are they willing to share, either information about the bht.h file, or can anyone provide a link to a place where it might be possible to download a copy of this file?

Thank you for your consideration,

Well searching for "bht scanner" shows that it looks like it is a manufacturer and/or model number for a particular scanner.

My guess is that the .h / .lib file were provided as part of some SDK with the scanner itself.

Perhaps contact the scanner manufacturer to see if they have any updated libraries?

commented: Thank you for your gracious assistance. +1

The scanner is a HandHeld Products Dolphin 7200, and they've discontinued the line. No support anywhere as far as I can tell.

EDIT: FOrget that; I just (finally) took a good long look at the actual opening comments in the file itself and it was apparently written for the 'Fujitsu BHT-5000', so you're most likely correct.

Problem seems to be solved: It appears that the binary library files that came with the source code may contain what I need. I discovered that if I remove the .c file from the original compile, which worked, it still compiles, but removing the associated.h file causes a fatal error. So I'm now betting that all I really need is the .h, and the appropriate .libs. Thanks for the assistance, though.

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