If I am somehow in error posting this, I apologize. However, I would hope that this is the best place to ask this question. I am dealing with a MSVC Compiler, version 1.52, on a system running Windows 98. I am using these rather antiquated pieces of equipment for a reason.

I have been requested to maintain a set of 5+ year old C code, designed to be ported over to a small hand-held barcode scanner after being compiled. According to the person who previously compiled the program, a 16-bit compiler is required for the ported code itself, and he also stated that the compiler he used didn't like to play nicely with Windows XP.

The original source project I received will, in fact, compile with no errors (although it has numerous warnings regarding unsized arrays). However, in trying to learn more about the code I am working with, I set up a program that attempted a few simple time functions, and included a .c and .h pair of time-related files from the original project, where the .c file included the line

#include <bht.h>

Even though the original project compiled without any errors, attempting to compile my test project doing nothing but including the two files from the test project causes a fatal error "can't find bht.h" when compiling.

I have searched Google for the term "bht.h". The vast body of returned results were apparently chemistry equations. I have searched on "bht.h C header", with no results, and I have searched on "bht.h" "C header", with one result, which appears to be a gzipped file. (Yes, I've downloaded the file; I simply don't know how much use it's going to be as the 'BHT H' character combo that appeared on Google's description was in the midst of a mishmash of apparently random charaters.)

Does anyone here know, and are they willing to share, either information about the bht.h file, or can anyone provide a link to a place where it might be possible to download a copy of this file?

Thank you for your consideration,

Well searching for "bht scanner" shows that it looks like it is a manufacturer and/or model number for a particular scanner.

My guess is that the .h / .lib file were provided as part of some SDK with the scanner itself.

Perhaps contact the scanner manufacturer to see if they have any updated libraries?

Thank you for your gracious assistance.

The scanner is a HandHeld Products Dolphin 7200, and they've discontinued the line. No support anywhere as far as I can tell.

EDIT: FOrget that; I just (finally) took a good long look at the actual opening comments in the file itself and it was apparently written for the 'Fujitsu BHT-5000', so you're most likely correct.

Problem seems to be solved: It appears that the binary library files that came with the source code may contain what I need. I discovered that if I remove the .c file from the original compile, which worked, it still compiles, but removing the associated.h file causes a fatal error. So I'm now betting that all I really need is the .h, and the appropriate .libs. Thanks for the assistance, though.

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