hi guys , can you help me by giving some tips as to how to handle classes for techies in a software firm as a corporate trainer for java and J2EE, i hope you ill guide me with the revelant information, and if possible please send me some sessions on Java and J2EE in the form of power point presentations which gives maximum information on Java/J2EE or the sites URL where you get maximum Information.
Thanks a Lot!!!!!!!!:icon_razz:

" power point presentations which gives maximum information on Java/J2EE"
As a trainer it's your job to create such presentations... If I had them I might offer to sell them to you, as I'm sure you have a budget for such things, but I don't so I won't.

IMO training should be left to professional training firms, and companies should contract them to provide training either for individuals in open courses or for larger groups in a dedicated course.
Having your own training department is almost always a waste of money, exception being large companies with a high rate of turnover of employees (and there it would likely be better to figure out why so many people are leaving that you need to constantly hire replacements).

We outsource almost all our training to Sun and a few dedicated training firms.
The only thing we do ourselves is training in our own products, which we provide both to new hires and customers (the latter of course only as part of a paid for contract).