Hey all. Sorry to embarrass myself here. I have a question to ask: What exactly is C#? Well, I know it's a programming language but how would you explain it? Does it have anything to do with C and C++? Sorry, I'm kind of novice in programming.

Your help will be appreciated.
Thank you.


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And if anyone knows where to get good tutorials for C#, please kindly leave some URLs. Thanks.

C# is a .NET language like VB.NET

.NET is kinda like Java in that you need a framework in order to run the code, as it is not compiled into pure machine code.

This makes is slower than unmanaged languages such as C++ but the .NET framework enables you to do complex things quite easialy.

C# acts a little bit like C/C++ in terms of syntax but it is a much more modern language. It is very easy to develop GUI apps using C#.

Download C# Express Edition (free) of Microsoft's site. There is many good video tutorials there. If you want a book i recommend the Microsoft Press "Step By Step" range

"This makes is slower than unmanaged languages such as C++ but the .NET framework enables you to do complex things quite easialy."

Not necessarilly. The idea that a managed language will ALWAYS produce slower runtime performance compared to a natively compiled language is proven false.
A lot depends on the quality and runtime optimisations performed by the managed environment (JVM, CLR, however you call it).

I have made many apps in .NET and they have all run solwer, it is very noticible in big, complex apps.

The point of using .NET is that it is very easy to quickly produce applications.

Of course this is the only reason why I use it at work.

Of course i use unmanaged languages for games/etc, but when it comes down to it, i've never run across an app that runs THAT much slower in managed than unmanaged.

yes, i love .NET managed apps for when im doing complex things as it is easier to use the API and other system functions.

And i have a game which i took from vc++6 to c++.net and it is much slowe indeed.

If you want to learn more about C# you can go to msdn virtual labs, these are a really great resource.

I would just like to add C# was made as part of Microsoft .NET initiative which is totally wrong!!! To rely on a framework is very disappointing especially seeing such a company like Microsoft produce a solution like it is disappointing :(

Anyway it has the power of C++ and the rapid development of Visual Basic and other languages like Delphi ;)

Well, thanks everyone.

Is there any website that post GOOD tutorials for C#?

Microsofts one. Do a google for Visual C# Express. There are video tutorials on that site

Okay. Thanks. Anymore? I need more than 1 tutorial. Will be safer. I mean if got problems with this one I may find answers on another tutorial.

Thanks. But do you have others other than Microsoft's?

the absolute beginners series on that site are the best video tutorials for c# you will find on the internet for free. i can gaurantee you that.

Thanks. I'll try that out first.

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