I made an SDI application. I want to invoke it by clicking a button on a dialog in another application.

I am using VC++ and tried including the header file of former

#include "..\TypingEditor\TypingEditor.h"

and then creating its object with 'new'.

CTypingEditorApp *te = new CTypingEditorApp();

But there are errors saying:

public: __thiscall CTypingEditorApp::CTypingEditorApp(void)" (??0CTypingEditorApp@@QAE@XZ)

What am i missing or diong wrong?

Seems like a link error to me. Have you properly included the object files of the TypingEditor project to your current project.

You can't invoke one executable program (*.exe) from another by merly including a header file and calling new to create an instance of it. You have to use CreateProcess(), ShellExecute() or another similar function to launch an instance of that program.

Hi there!
Sorry for late response. I had other assignments with earlier deadlines.

Can u please tell me how to use CreateProcess() or ShellExecute() process with my project. I haven't got any help on these methods as I am using Visual C++ 6 Bible.

>> I haven't got any help on these methods
Sure you do -- just use google and see MSDN

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