i realy need help on programming "Deal or no Deal" in pascal :icon_neutral:

Ok i am not a pascal guy, but I have made Deal or No deal before in Visual Basic but maybe I can help you with the general structure of it?. Use an array for the boxes by the way

it would be great if you can help me with the basic structure!
Also, thanks for the arrays idea.
I am having trouble randomizing the values in the cases so the same value wouldn't appear twice.

yeah, the having it not appear twice is the hardest part.

You can use classes for the cards as well. Thats much easier.

as jbennet wrote, use an array, random function and verify if the values are different, if not the apply again random

start to code, and post here the code. also please explain how this game can be played, i don't know nothing about it.

best regards,

ignore what i said about cards, that was suppposed to be posted in aother thread ;)

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